Steve Nash Targeting Early February Return

Los Angeles, CA - According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN, Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash is hoping to return to the lineup in early February. Nash has missed quite a few games due to a back injury, and has been missed as the Lakers have struggled with point guard health on their entire roster.

Steve Nash has played in just six games this season with the Lakers, averaging 6.7 points, 4.8 assists, and 1.5 rebounds per game. Obviously those numbers aren’t as high as people have become accustomed to from Nash, but age has certainly begun to catch up to him. Despite the lack of big numbers, the return of Steve Nash would be extremely welcomed by the Lakers.

NashReturnLakersHN2“At some point, I have to also realize, do the safest thing, the best possible opportunity to play basketball again rather than letting my angst get the better of me and jumping back in there. I know I can get healthy. It’s a matter of, ‘Can I sustain it?’ And I’m just trying to get that health under my belt for an amount of time where we feel confident that it can be sustainable is the tricky part, and that’s probably going to take a little while longer than I was hoping.” - Steve Nash

Kendall Marshall has started the last couple of games for the Lakers at point guard due to Jordan Farmar’s injury. He had a huge game against the Utah Jazz in his first game playing big minutes, scoring 20 points to go along with 15 assists and six rebounds. That type of performance shouldn’t be expected too often from Marshall, but he is very capable of playing quality minutes until Nash and Farmar are able to come back, and perhaps even after.

Overall, it’s certainly good news for the Lakers that Nash is talking about returning to the court at some point. They are in need of every piece they can get if they want to make a run at the playoffs.

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