Toronto Raptors Interested in Acquiring Rajon Rondo

Toronto, ON - According to Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun, the Toronto Raptors are becoming more and more interested in acquiring star point guard Rajon Rondo from the Boston Celtics. The Raptors have reportedly been studying Rondo’s ability to be a leader, and are strongly considering a blockbuster trade to bring him in to build their franchise around. Toronto hasn’t had a superstar like Rondo since Vince Carter left town, but there is no doubt that it would be a very expensive trade to make.

Rondo has played in just 10 games this season after coming off of a torn ACL, and has started all 10 games. He is averaging 9.8 points, 7.1 assists, and 4.8 rebounds per game so far, and has been looking progressively better as he continues to get his legs back under him. There doesn’t appear to be any risk in making a move to acquire Rondo as far as health goes, but he does have work to do offensively before becoming a legitimate scoring threat.

RajonRondoRaptorsHN2There have not been any reports as to what it would cost the Raptors to get a deal done, but Rondo will not come cheap to anyone that acquires him. The Celtics are reportedly not going to trade him unless they are blown away by a trade offer, which shows you just how costly this trade would be if the Raptors decide to make a move. It would likely send Kyle Lowry, Terrence Ross, picks, and possibly another piece to Boston to get the deal done.

Rajon Rondo is currently slated to hit the free agent market in 2015, which could be a catch in any trade that the Raptors try to make for him. If he is unwilling to sign an extension with the Raptors, that would kill any desire that Toronto has in acquiring him.

It will be very interesting to see if these talks begin heating up over the next few days as the trade deadline continues to draw closer. The Raptors certainly have a talented team right now, but adding a player like Rajon Rondo could be a perfect move. Kyle Lowry is a free agent this coming offseason as well, which would intrigue the Celtics. Overall, it would make sense for both teams to try to work out a deal.

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