Warriors Begin Extension Talks with Andrew Bogut

Oakland, CA - The Golden State Warriors are fresh off of a second round exit from the NBA Playoffs, but expect to be right back in contention in the Western Conference this season. Andrew Bogut is expected to be a key piece of what the Warriors will try to do, and Golden State has opened up extension talks with their talented center. He has dealt with many injuries throughout the recent years of his career, but his talent cannot be understated.

1379115435000-USATSI-7063468Scott Howard of NBA.com broke the news that the Warriors were beginning talks with Bogut regarding an extension. If a deal is not reached, Bogut will become a free agent on July 1st of next year. Golden State did pursue Dwight Howard this past offseason, but were unable to come up with a deal which leaves them with Bogut as the most talented big man available.

First reports coming from the Warriors were that Bogut was not insulted by the Warriors’ initial contract offers, but that it wasn’t what he was looking for either. The two sides may have some issues coming up with a number that fits what each party wants due to the injury concerns that surround Bogut. The Warriors are very likely trying to work out a three-year deal with Bogut.

“Just based on the fact that my last two injuries I can’t control,” Bogut said. “If these were chronic injuries from lack of conditioning or not working out in the summer or being a fat slob, I can understand the caution. But would I do things to the extent that Andrew Bynum’s done with his contract? Hell no. The clauses that he has, there’s no chance I would sign a contract. But basically having game incentives — whatever the number is, 60, 70, whatever it is — I have no problem. I think that’s only fair.” – Andrew Bogut

We don’t expect to see a contract get done in the near future, but we do expect the talks to be ongoing and something to come together in the future. Bogut averaged 7.2 points, 10.9 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks per game during Golden State’s playoff run last year. When healthy, he’s capable of putting up those numbers on a nightly basis.

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