What Jordan’s 2013 ASG Warm-Up Would’ve Looked Like

This year’s all star game featured a fashion twist. The warm-ups that all stars would be dawning had accolades stitched on them. Specifically, each jacket had the individual player’s accolades. The look created some buzz. Some liked it, some weren’t too fond of the idea.

The Basketball Jones’ Trey Kerby, for one, thought they “came out looking like a default create-a-team uniform from ‘NBA Live 2001″ (via Ball Don’t Lie).

So, they’re not exactly the wisest choice, but it is a pretty neat idea. Of course we realize all these players are great, they’re all stars. Yes, I know, fans decide the rosters, but they usually get it right. With that being said, vizualizing accoades harks back to the greatness of players reacheing their twilight (Bryant, Duncan, Garnett) and of those who are taking over the league (James, Durant).

In that light, those jackets are great reminders. And in case you needed a reminder, Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. What’s that? a visualization? Sure.

Here’s Bryant’s and James’ warm-ups (Via Ball Don’t Lie):

Now, put those two on top of each other, twice, and you have this.

H/T to @MySportsLegion

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