What Will Brad Stevens Bring to the Boston Celtics?

When the Boston Celtics announced that Brad Stevens would be their next head coach, it was a complete shock for so many fans, writers, and maybe even other head coaches who wanted a gig in the NBA. Since the Celtics have hired the former Butler head coach, he’s been embraced by fans, local writers, and more importantly his players.

Brad Stevens is the NBA’s youngest head coach at the age of 36. In Brad Stevens, the Celtics have an extremely intelligent coach. Some believe that Danny Ainge is taking a bit of a risk here, but it seems like a risk that will pay off in time. The transition from Doc Rivers to Brad Stevens was kind of an odd one. Fans felt betrayed after Doc’s departure, and when the young genius head coach from college hoops was announced, it was love a first sight for a lot of fans and writers. He was a fresh voice, a new vision.

“One of the things that I am so thrilled about is working at a place that has such high standards and places such a value on culture.” Stevens said.

brad-stevensThe expectations that face Brad Stevens seem daunting for any coach. Stevens will coach the most storied franchise in NBA history with a league leading 17 championship banners. The fan-base endured a 22 year drought before winning banner 17 in 2008. The city of Boston has one thing on their mind, it’s title or bust. The expectations that face Brad Stevens won’t be in effect for his first year on the job.

Many understand that Stevens won’t have Rondo to start the season. They also understand that he’s going through a rebuilding with the Celtics. Danny Ainge showed great patience with Doc Rivers, and he takes responsibility for the team when it plays poorly. The reason being is because he drafts the players, and he works the free agent market, and he talks to other GM’s about potential trades. He knows that he must provide his coaches with the right talent.

It is clear that by hiring Brad Stevens, Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics are joining the NBA’s analytics movement. It seems like it may become the new school. Look at certain teams in the NBA without a mega star. The Pacers do have a budding star in Paul George, but they are built to beat other team’s weaknesses, behind numbers and matchups.

Brad will be allowed to take his time in year one while Danny weeds through certain contracts, like Kris Humprhies who has a year remaining, and will give the Celtics 12 million in cap space in the summer of 2014. Another possibility for Ainge to add cap space next summer would be cutting ties with Keith Bogans, who’s contract isn’t guaranteed for the last two years. That would free up 17 million for the Celtics. The Boston Celtics also have the 10.3 million trade exception from when they traded Pierce to the Nets with Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry.

Danny Ainge will allow Stevens to become familiar with being a NBA coach. Danny wants to build a winner by year three of this rebuild. Rondo will be up for a new contract, and Rondo will also be 29. Rondo could possibly have 3-4 prime years after that, and with his recent injury trouble who knows what path he’ll go down. I expect Rondo to bounce back just fine under Stevens.

Brad Stevens proved to be a great basketball mind at Butler. Danny Ainge made a great hire, and the choice to join the NBA’s analytics movement seemed to be Danny’s best move all summer after trading Doc and his two legendary Hall of Fame players. You could say the expectations will be high for Stevens after his first season as Boston Celtics head coach.

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