Will Dirk Nowitzki Leave Dallas in 2014?

Dirk NowitzkiDirk Nowitzki told USA TODAY Sports that he will love to finish his career in Dallas, especially since he has already won a championship with the Mavs. However, Dirk made it clear that he will not be content if the team fails to make major improvements in the upcoming off-season.

In an interview with USA TODAY, Dirk quoted, “I don’t want another year next year with the same as this year, (with) the frustration and playing for the eight or nine seed. I think we all know that this is a very big summer for us. Donnie knows. Cuban knows. We want to get back to the championship level.”

Dirk Nowitzki will be a free agent in 2014. If the Mavericks fail to bring in additional talent, Nowitzki could definitely finish his career in another jersey. The pressure is on Mark Cuban, who would not be found of losing his Germanator.

(Via Hoops-Nation.com)

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